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Your one stop shop for Gachas, cool items and fun

Flawless Developments


Gacha sales room, buy Fennux & Fennux dens enjoy the beach, relax at the coffee shop, play greedy or Bowling, plus (7S) 7Seas Fishing area - D-LAB+LIZAIL PICCOLI & The Arcade Gacha Event Items 

The aim of Flawless Developments is to provide you with your one stop shop for Gachas, Fashion, cool stuff and so much more!

All fun to be had: 






Joined SL back in August 2011

What have I not done in SL lol
Having previously worked in and managed clubs, been a blogger, been a Personal Assistant, sold land, been a  group moderator, all  alongside various other roles.

At present I am the Owner of Flawless Developments, a blogger for several brands,  a group moderator and the brain child for so much more coming out soon!  

Alongside my husband, Niel Easterwood we started the exciting venture of "Flawless Developments" on 9 October 2014.


Joined back in 2008 and has loved SL ever since. 

Owner of Flawless Devlopments alongside my wife Quiggles. 

I am also a Amaretto horse and chicken breeder. If you need a horse, a chicken, or any kind of adorable pet, I'm your guy!