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Thank You For Checking Out Our Review Policy!

Would you like us to blog one of your items? We would love to!

When sending us a review copy it is MOST IMPORTANT that you IM us. Let us know who you are and talk with us. We want to make sure we can do your designs justice and that it can be blogged here.

Please Let Us Know The Following:
*Store Name
*How Long The Item Is Available
*Price? Group Gift? Group Join Fee If It Is A Gift.
*Photo (If Possible)
*Landmark/SLURL (This is important so our readers can find your item!)

We need this info to help our readers get to your items :) 

We review more then just wearable items. We review homes, furniture, housewares, cars, toys, gachas, and so much more!

All inquires for reviews for Flawless Developments should go to:
Quiggles Easterwood (Quiggles78 Resident)

Content theft
Items must be your own design! We will not review any copybot material or anything that breaks TOS/RL Laws.